What Cpanel Has To Offer

Firstly, for anyone who hasn’t heard of it before, CPanel is a web hosting control panel. What this means is that it provides a single, web based, graphical interface for your hosting account on the web server. Of course, this begs the questions, what does CPanel have to offer and why is it better than other similar applications like Plesk or Baifox?

Secure Web Access

Traditionally, remotely managing your web server meant remoting in with an SSH client like PuTTY. For those who are uncomfortable with command line interfaces, this can be a daunting task. CPanel greatly simplifies this process by allowing you to connect to your server through a graphical web interface. This gives you a straightforward and intuitive way to manage your server, regardless of your hosting environment.

All Your Tools in One Place

CPanel provides one central management application for tasks from server configuration to SQL, Email, Website Hosting and FTP. It also allows you to view logs, analyze your network traffic and access monitoring data. This lets you manage everything from a single interface, saving time and simplifying the process of web hosting.

Diverse Application Support

CPanel provides support for a wide variety of development languages and tools such as PHP, Pearl, C/C++, Python and FrontPage. This gives developers the flexibility to code in the language of their choice.
Optional Modules

A wide variety of packages are available for CPanel. These include various forms, forums, chat applications, shopping carts, counters and other useful web elements. WordPress, phpbb and Joomla are some examples. Having these built into the management solution makes installation quick and easy, not to mention saving you time and money when it comes to either buying these features or developing them yourself.

Hosting Resale tools

When it comes to selling server space and bandwidth, good management is key. Trying to provide a management solution for everyone who needs access to server resources can be a daunting challenge. CPanel makes this complicated task simple by providing separate interfaces for server administrators, resellers and the end user. For each different level of user, CPanel provides the necessary level of access and allows for straightforward management at every tier.

Backup for Mission Critical Data

There are few things which have as much capacity to cripple a company as data loss. It is critical that you have backups of your data so that you are protected in the event of unexpected hardware failure. CPanel allows you to create secure backups of all your data, both your websites and your databases.

Automatic Updates for Critical Packages

This is where many web hosting control panels fall flat. One of the major objections to control panels which abstract the user from the day to day operation of the web server is with potential security issues. This stems from the fact that failure to patch critical services can lead to known security vulnerabilities remaining open. Unlike many competing applications, Plesk in particular, CPanel automatically updates important modules such as Apache, MySQL and PHP using Softaculous. Cpanel also includes Fantastico De Luxe, which is a manual way of updating scripts.

CPanel is a comprehensive package which allows you to manage all the aspects of your web server. Whether you’re thinking of setting up your own server or shopping around for a managed hosting solution, CPanel is definitely a key application to consider.

Chris Ricard is the owner of TheWeb-Factory.com, a Canadian Web Hosting Company that uses Cpanel, an easy-to-use control panel with tools for business owners to make Canadian e-commerce web hosting, business quality web hosting and even personal web hosting manageable for anyone.

Hire PHP Programmer

 PHP is a programming language and it stands for pre-hypertext-processor. PHP is a skill of coding and writing code in the programming language. PHP programming allows the developer to integrate and include information into web pages which can be drawn from other web based sources like database, xml and other sources.

PHP is the most common programming language available and in use on the Internet. It powers the backend of more systems than any other code and is used to power a lot of the larger websites online – like Facebook. 

PHP development is the most favored of all the web development platforms known to PHP development community, around the globe. The majority of web applications and web portals that you come across, while surfing the net owe their existence to PHP.

Programming in PHP allows the smart developer to integrate and include dynamic information into web pages which can be drawn from other sources, like a database, xml, rss feeds or other web based sources. PHP is generally used in conjunction with MYSQL Database.

PHP web application development improves your business applications functioning by constructing high performance data applications. PHP development is the perfect option for use with mid-sized, highly secure, databases because of its strong functionality with MySQL.

Many Offshore software development companies cater hiring services through which client can hire PHP programmers according to their requirements of project. You need take care about few points while hire PHP programmers for your projects from offshore web development companies, such as How old the companies is in web development field, weather the company has necessary infrastructure, does company have allow you to communicate with your hire PHP programmers, experience of hire PHP programmers etc

Technical Skills of Dedicated PHP programmers

PHP 4.X, PHP 5.X and Upgrading to PHP 6
MVC frameworks: CakePHP, Zend
Template Engines – Smarty and PHP
JavaScript libraries like jQuery , Ext JS and Prototype JS
MySQL 4.X , MySQL 5.X
Web Services

PHP coding can be executed with minimum runtime, unlike other scripting languages or JavaScript. As such, an efficient PHP coder would code the optimum solution that can be executive with less runtime. Here lies the brilliance of a PHP programmer.

In other words, you should look for a PHP coder who can code scripts that offer the best results at a minimum runtime. At times PHP coding optimization is needed to create codes that is user-friendly and executed in less time.



Petter Parker regularly writes on Hire Web Developer. He provides consultation on Offshore Web Projects Outsourcing to Hire Developers India.

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Php Development India

PHP is a scripting language, which is used in web development in order to make web pages dynamic. PHP is free and an open source and for this reason, it is used in all domains of web application. It can convert any application into a web application. PHP is therefore, very popular with web developers as well as web users. India is one of the leading countries that work on this area of web development. Indian PHP industry is not only popular as an outsourcing industry, but it also offers skilled and experienced PHP developers who make India the leader in outsourcing.
PHP development India is supported by more than 10000 enterprises. In this country, cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Delhi etc. are the hub of these open source technologies. Pune that was earlier known as a historical city has derived its new title industrial city of Maharashtra due to these developments. After that, comes Bangalore, where all the top notch IT firms such as IBM, Tata, Google, etc have their offices.
Given below are some points that makes India the best place for PHP development for clients across the globe:
India offers easy to hire PHP developers.
Indian rate of PHP developer is extremely cost-effective. Since cost is an inevitable aspect of any business, Indian PHP companies offer a one fourth of cost, compared to other agencies.
The developers in India are trained and skilled. For this reason, they quickly understand the basic and advanced needs of the clients.
They all are aware of the latest technology and have hand on experience on them.
They also have good command over English and also possess excellent communication skills.
Most of the companies take less time to meet the target according to deadline of the client.
IT industry in India is famous for its quality work at cheapest rate.
You can choose time for interaction according to your convenience, since these outsourcing firms work 24*7. You can choose your communication tools such as audio conference, instant messaging, video conference etc.
Last but not the least, they are highly reliable.
Indian PHP developers are loaded with strong domain skills and knowledge so that they can face every challenge. Moreover, it is an open source programming language, which allows enough flexibility to the programmers in terms of editing, updating, or modifying the source codes. It lets the Indian programmers enough leeway to utilize the resource at an optimum cost. Astonishingly India has become the hub for software outsourcing. Many business houses prefer Indian companies for their PHP projects. This is especially because Indian developers can provide them quality product at a very low cost. For more information, visit www.evontech.com

Tinni Ganguly is a technology expert, working as a freelance technical writer with Evon Technologies. She has written on numerous technical domains, emerging technologies, and latest industry practices. Presently she is putting in effort to write for people having no or less technical knowledge, and introduce them to various software technologies and benefits of outsourcing.

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How to Install Wall Murals

Wall murals are the best decoration choice and the best preference for interior designing and home decoration. It makes the walls of the room trendy and fashionable and would give a new image to the room. It can also be a good mood setter to anyone in the room because of the intrinsic designs and creative works available. Best of all, wall murals are available in retail stores and are very affordable.

Having a wall mural could be installed almost in any room in the house. It could be best placed in the family room which could be easily seen by everyone. The kitchen is also a nice place or even the children’s room to give them a nice room decoration.

Installation of the wall murals in the room is just very easy and simple. However, there are preparations that are needed to be done before the main installation process. First, you need to decide the type of wall mural that you will be installing and the material you are going to use. You have to make sure that all the pieces are present and in good condition.

The wall at which the mural will be installed should also be prepared. You have to make sure that the wall is clean and in a regular and uniformly flat. It is important that the wall has no dents and damage as it will affect the beauty and output of the wall mural design. It is also better to clean the wall of damp cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt on it. It is also important to determine the size at which your wall mural will be installed on the wall so you can estimate the area for installation.

Now that everything is all prepared, you need now to select the first panel which would be the left edge panel of your mural. You can now apply a thin adhesive on the entire backside of the wall mural you are going too install and carefully lay it undisturbed for a few minutes to prevent it from curling when you actually install it on the wall.

When everything is ready after several minutes, you may now install the wall mural on the designated area of the wall by positioning the left edge panel on its exact area. In installing the mural, you have to make sure that everything is aligned to avoid curling of the design on the wall. Once in place, you have to do some finishing touches to get rid of the air pockets that might show up by using a damp cloth and gently sweeping it aside. The same process should be done on the next panel by adjoining it to the first one. When everything is all set, you have to do again the gentle wiping of the wall mural with damp cloth to get the excess paste and air pockets that might arise.

When everything is all done, all you have to do is to wait for the adhesive to be air dried. When everything is dried, you just need to review your work and make sure that everything is pasted on the wall. If there are some loose edges, you may use additional paste to glue it back.

After you have done this, you will see that your wall has now been transformed into a new image with a new vibrant design of your wall mural. Indeed, a very nice and smile way of designing the once old and dull walls.

Wall Murals are fantastic decorations for your home. You can get the best wallpaper murals on the world wide web or from the stores near your home.

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